Become an Agency

Are you a local homestay agency? Would you like to work in partnership with HomestayWeb?
HomestayWeb is looking for a local partner who will be able to offer guidance and help our guests.

We always encourage our guests, who are traveling abroad for the first time in particular, to look for a host through our local agents.

Homestay Agency requirements

All host families registered with you must be interviewed.

Support must be provided at the time of trouble between hosts and guests

If you fit all the requirements to become an homestay agency, please continue to register.

Agency Membership Benefits

Premium Membership

1 year Agency Membership for ONLY USD200 (USD16.6 a month)
You will be listed as a registered agent and be able to search by both guests and hosts.
You will be able to send email to both guests and hosts.
Create a link to your own Homepage.
Your ads banner will display on the your country's search result page.

You can make an Agency account for free as a Basic Membership, but we recommend you should upgrade to Premium soon.

Basic Membership for free. Free

  • Basic Member can only send emails to Guests who have a Premium-Passport.

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