>> Hiro Naga (Asakusa Tokyo)

Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Member since Feb 2011

  • Host family in Tokyo Japan
  • Host family in Tokyo Japan
JPY22000/ Week

( JPY3700/ Daily )


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>> Hiro Naga (Asakusa Tokyo)

Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

About our homestay

Thank you for visiting my profile page.

I think the best way to understand different culture is to know ordinary people's way of life. We can show you real Japan while you stay in my house.
We prepare home-made hot dishes to help you understand how Japanese enjoy everyday's meals.
You will be able to know real Japanese cuisine by having same meals together in Japanese home.
Since I was born and raised in Tokyo, I will be able to inform you about the things and sights which is not appeared in internet.

>> Location >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Asakusa is one of the most famous sightseeing place in Japan. The residential area in Asakusa where I live is well known as an typical "shita-machi"area. People are living with helping each other here in shita-machi. And Asakusa is located in central Tokyo so the transportation is very convenient too .
So you can enjoy both old Tokyo and modern Tokyo if you stay in my house.

Please check the testimonials for the early days of our homestaying which is in the last part of this page.

>>Homestay fee / person>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Monthly fee : 98000 Jpy (about 3300 Jpy / night / person)

*Dinners, breakfasts, Utilities, heats and lights are included.
> Meals are also served on holiday and weekend, it's included in the price.

*Wireless LAN is available for free.

*Extended 1 week (6 nights) : 22000 Jpy
*Extended 1 night : 4000 Jpy

>> For the people who want to know more about our homestay >>>>>>>>>>>>>

I have official license to teach social studies but I haven’t worked at school ever before. I stopped to be a teacher as an occupation, and I made my own company instead. So if you have any question, I think I will be able to answer it from the surface and behind of matters.
It will help you to know real Japan further.

>> History of our homestaying >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2007: I started to run unique program called "A Little Bit of Japan" for helping tourists from abroad, The program shows you Japanese ordinary people's culture by offering unique activities.
e.g. Having meal in Japanese house, Wearing kimono, Bathing in public onsen bath house, Making hanko stamp with your name in kanji, Customize the tour on your demand, and so on...

2008: One of the popular TV program reported my activities on their morning show..
*"A Little Bit of Japan" program is still available for the guests who stay in my house.
*Extra fee is needed. But it's almost real cost.

2011: Home visiting project have been placed as a new activity of "A Little Bit of Japan" program
Then, I have started to offer the upstairs of my house for the home-stayers. There are 1 Japanese traditional room and 1 western styled room.
This was the starting year for our Homestay program.

2013: I added another 2 rooms for the guests. Because our home-staying program was becoming so popular. We already had many repeat customers in that year. Their numbers were much bigger than we had expected.
The new rooms we started to offer are right next to our house. That house is standing at just "4 SECONDS" from the front door of main house.
That house had been offered to Japanese tenants until we had decided to use the rooms for homestay. The case you will book that house, you are going to eat meals in the main house, spend some time with the other stayers in main house, and then back to your room in that house to sleep. You can enjoy both home-stay and apartment-stay style!

2015: We had to raise our homestay fee a bit because rising of consumption tax.
We could keep the price until government raise the tax into 8 % but every commodity's price had became expensive after that. Sorry but we couldn't bear that situation

2016 (the current year): We are offering 4 independent rooms
1) Wide Japanese room for the plural guests.
2) western room for single guest
3) Standard Japanese room for single guest.
4) Standard western room for single guest


We will welcome you to stay at my house.
So please contact me if you are interested in staying at my house.

If you would like to know further about us, please send me a friend request in Facebook. I will confirm it as soon as possible.
Then, you will be able to see many photos of our guests and us in my facebook.

*Becoming facebook friend is not required items, but booking priority exists in facebook friends and repeat customers.

Feel free to ask me anything.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Hiro Naga

Member since Feb 2011

Amenities :

Includes meals? Yes Meals Yes

Allows smoker? No Smoking No

Wireless Internet? Yes Internet Yes

Pet at home? Yes Pets Yes

Pick up at the airport? Yes Pickup Yes

Fax number :


Preference :

>> Exchanging Students, Interns, Gap-years travelers, Working holiday, Tourists, and so on.

Long stay is the most welcomed because my homestay program is recognized by the health department as a Homestay accommodation .

*Home stay program is exempted from the regulation of hotel bussiness law nor Minpaku law. But, to follow the instructions of the health department about homestay, one month stay is required at least.

**Our homestay fee 98000 JPY for a month means about 3300 Jpy a night. To live in central tokyo in 3300 Jpy (with 2 meals, utilities, wifi and so on are included) is a good choice I think.

Family member :

>> My wife, I, and a cat.

*Sons, daughters, grandchild, friends, and neighbors visit us often.

Local information :

>> Nearest station:

Metro station: 5 minute walk(Minowa).
JR station: 10 minute walk(Minamisenju).
Bus stop: Only 30 SECONDS!!

*Since my place is located in central Tokyo, you can enjoy huge city Tokyo efficiently and conveniently.

>> Sightseeing places:

*Asakusa; Walking distance.
*Sky Tree: About 2 km from my house.
*Akihabara: 4th stop from the nearest metro station.
*Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Disney-land, Odaiba / 30minutes~40minutes by train.

>> Shop, Stores, etc.

*Seven-Eleven (24 hours) convenience store: Just 10 SECONDS!!
*Super market (nearest): 7 minutes
*Shopping mall (for the Locals): 12 minutes
*Bank; 10 minutes
*Post office (nearest): 3 minutes
*Post office ( 24 hours): 15 minutes
*Hospital, clinic: The nearest one is just 3 minute walk.


>>Homestay fee

Monthly fee : 98000 Jpy (about 3300 Jpy / night)

*Dinners, breakfasts, Utilities, heats and lights are included.
*Wireless LAN is available for free.

*Extended 1 week (6 nights) : 22000 Jpy
*Extended 1 night : 4000 Jpy



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