Siem Reap - Cambodia, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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  • Host family in Siem Reap Cambodia
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Siem Reap - Cambodia, Siem Reap, Cambodia

About our homestay

Tola was born in 1972, during a time of civil war, genocide and starvation in Cambodia. Needless to say, his childhood was a very difficult one. For a time he was guarded from the brutal Khmer Rouge by his grandparents, hidden in the family’s barn and fed directly from their cow. Ultimately he was identified and forced to serve in the army. Still young when the war ended, Tola took on various jobs from teaching to tuk tuk driver to manager of a theatrical troupe of landmine survivors.

Today Tola’s focus is on social entrepreneurism. His current project, Papaya Homestay provides visitors to Ankor Wat with an immersive experience living within a socially conscious community. Here guests, local residents and Tola himself, learn about ways to create change for the better. Here everyone can learn crafts and other skills like optimizing the land with vegetable gardening. Locals are also informed about continuing education and other ways to gain employment.

Unlike a typical holiday B&B, Papaya Homestay visitors become temporary members of Tola’s family, welcomed by his wife, Arun, and three kids (and their playful cats). Services are provided with the environment in mind with no plastic containers, etc. The overall effect is traditional Cambodian life with a forward thinking, Earth-friendly consciousness.

Guests of Papaya Homestay, not only enjoy comfortable lodging; they are enriched by delicious homemade local food, cultural traditions and authentic lifestyle. If you’re traveling to Ankor Wat, complete your cultural immersion with a stay in the real Cambodia at Papaya Homestay.

Member since Dec 2014

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Includes meals? No Meals No

Allows smoker? Yes Smoking Yes

Wireless Internet? Yes Internet Yes

Pet at home? Yes Pets Yes

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Preference :

Tola was born in 1972 at where the civil war, genocide, starvation and hunger took place. His childhood was not gained in the way we all love to.
He was forced to be a soldier with his young age when the war was over he became a teacher, and the moment time as social entrepreneur to support more social entrepreneurs through his Papaya Community and never stop self education that he loves to spend his time to be useful for others in this globe.
Papaya Homestay work as the community to offer guests as homes during visiting Angkor Wat and test the life as local and and offer local villagers to change for better through the examples of social entrepreneurs, employment, education and vegetable gardening.. and to make every part of land space green. Especially We work together for environment that we aim to use something simple as alternative for plastics containers so that we save the earth, animals and others, we love our simplicity and the way local people live in their community and love to improve the quality of life through sustainable development projects . Guests come here , they do not only stay but experiencing with what we do, our local food, cultures and lifestyle.e and explore the journey with us.

Family member :

Papaya Home stay works as the Community with villagers to improve for better.

Local information :

Near Sate school, and transportation service


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