Andrea Tdy

Dusseldorf, Germany

Member since Apr 2016

  • Host family in Dusseldorf Germany
  • Host family in Dusseldorf Germany
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Andrea Tdy

Dusseldorf, Germany

About our homestay

We are a very hospitable small family, including a Mother and her children. We live in a big house with a huge garden, in a city called "Hilden" in Germany. (Hilden is 2 Miles from Düsseldorf and has a good infrastructure. It takes 20 Minutes to get to the center of Düsseldorf with the public transport.) We like to get to know new people, and are open to all cultures. Whoever is looking for a place to stay, and would like to come and get to know us, will be included in a loving and open-hearted family. We offer a Single room, including a bed, wardrobe, mirror, chair and study desk. We have two bathrooms, including a shower and a bathtub. We have a cooked meal at least once a day, and we can surely eat together. Half of our family is vegetarian, so you can choose wether you'd like to eat meat or not. We have a little dog, called 'Lilo'. She's lovely, she's basically a dachshund with long legs. (Sounds funny, but is actually quite cute :) ) And yes... We have a huge beautiful garden! Whenever you need a day off you can grab some of our sun chairs and chill between bushes of flowers. The city center, which is only a 10 minute walk away, has a huge shopping promenade. The grocery store is only a 1 Minute walk away. (Just like the 5 Busstops.) We usually speak German at home, but my two daughters and I speak english as well. I also speak french and my oldest daughter (17) has some basic (she says "very basic" :)) chinese skills. My two foster sons are 4 and 6 years old, and obviously don't speak english.

Also; Nobody will have to feel lonely in this house. You can always take part of our movie nights or games evenings.

If you feel like this text was addressed to you and you would be happy to accept our offer; this room in our house is unoccupied and is surely waiting for someone.

If you want to come and stay with us, or want to see more pictures, you can get in touch with me via Kik messenger. (That's a messaging app device, our username is HomeStayTaday)

Have a nice day, and maybe see you soon!

Member since Apr 2016

Amenities :

Includes meals? Yes Meals Yes

Allows smoker? Yes Smoking Yes

Wireless Internet?

Pet at home? Yes Pets Yes

Pick up at the airport? Yes Pickup Yes

Preference :

One Person; Lovely human-being, female or male (or both or non :)), friendly and open-hearted and -minded.

Family member :

Lovely Mother, two older daughters and two young foster sons.

Local information :

Our house is located in a city with a great infrastructure. The city center, that has a huge shopping promenade, is only a 10 Minute walk away. The grocery store is right around the corner (1 Minute walk). It's a pretty lively Area, but the garden gives a great calming contrast when needed. The public transport possibilities are right in front of our door. (5 Busstops) The Train Station is a 15 Minute Walk, or 3 Minutes by bus, away. Taking the public transport will get you to the center of Düsseldorf in about 20 minutes. There are two huge and beautiful bathing lakes, just 15 Minutes walking distance away. A doctor is right across. (We also are lucky to have the city's best Greece pizza baker as our neighbor.)


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