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如此,Homestay 是最佳的方法辦到它。

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除此,若有任何請求,您可以到 MESSAGE BOARD 免費留言。註冊的家庭或 Homestay 的代辦處將會聯絡您。您只須要等待他們的電郵。

  Michiko Miura 
from Japan
I am looking for host family in Miami . It is schedule from on 8/24 around 1 week. If would it be possible I would like to learn Engl...more
  Wiwi Paimun 
from Indonesia
こんにちわ! My name is Wiwi and I'm originally from Indonesia. I have been working and living in Niseko, Hokkaido in the past 4+...more
  kazuki tachibana 
from Japan
I want to stay as soon as possible Because of l 'm going to go to Australia at August 27. Hi I'm kazuki and l 'm Japanese. I lived Ao...more
  Shogo Mitsumoto 
from Japan
I will study in San Francisco State University from 2017 fall term.I'm a Japanese man. Now, I'm looking for a host family in San Franci...more
from Spain
Hello, my name is Irene and I'm 18. I'm studying japanese at University and I'm going to travel to Japan between august 6th and 21th. I...more
  Koki Fujinami 
from Japan
I'm 21 and the student at Meiji University.
  Ma. Rosario Mae N. Capuno 
from Philippines
Hello! I'm staying in Japan from August 1 to 21. I'm open to study for a week or help with household chores or simply looking out for a...more
  ryohtaro nakamoto 
from Japan
Hello , I`m Ryohtaro from japan . I am 18 years and will be attending ilac. I would like to stay from august 28 for one month maybe m...more
from Australia
  Iorver Akile 
from Mexico
Hi, My name is Iorver Akile. I am an African Mexican. I am 47 years old. I live and work in Mexico. I will be coming to Vancouver for ...more
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