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北東アジアはとても多様で対照的な国々から成り立っている。地域は2つの大国が影響を与えている。経済大国である日本とますます影響を持ちつつある中国である。日本は伝統と新しい習慣が存在するとても興味深い。どちらかというと物価が高くない中国。それぞれの国の見るべきものを見るべきだろう。またチベットは訪れたい国のひとつ。香港は、まだまだ北東アジアの経済力を集めている。代表的な国は、日本、韓国、中国、香港、モンゴル、チベットなど。(出典: http://www.world66.com)


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  Lisa NEY 
from France
Hello, We are two friends : Lisa NEY and Liam CLAUDEL. We are both 18 years old and we live in France. We will be soon college studen...more
from India
Me and my husband will be visiting Japan in August 2018. pls suggest any good choice of homestay.
from Israel
Hi we are a small intresting family of 3. Very easy going and curious two parents and a 5 years old. would love to meet Japan through t...more
from Vietnam
  hong eo jin 
from South Korea
i'm student of university and now i'm preparing working holiday to Japan (2018 or 2019) i can speak korean (native) english (intermed...more
  Jonathan Elharar 
from Israel
Small family from Israel which includes me, my wife and our 3 years old kid are looking for simple, friendly hosts who would like to gi...more
  Maria Esteban 
from Spain
Hello! My two kids and I are looking for a homestay in Kioto for August 27-30. Preferably with breakfast and dinner included. Thanks! ...more
  Soo hyug Ryu 
from South Korea
I would like to know Japanese culture and lots of things that is connected to japan and I also wanna talk to japanese to raise my japan...more
  Samie-Claude Bergeron 
from Canada
こんにちは〜 はじめまして! 私はサミーです。 文化の日本が好きです。アニメとマンガもが好きで...more
from France
Nice to meet you. My name is Sarah, I am a high school student at level at 11th grade, I am 17 years old and I live in France ^^ I pl...more
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